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928 type stun gun review

In our 2 year history we have received a number of emails from disappointed customers about their brand new stun guns not working. When we encountered such an issue for the very first time we could not believe the solution our tech folks offered. We just could not imagine it would make any difference… however, when we tried it the stun gun started working immediately. They work perfectly with the Energizer. Other types and brands of batteries either do not work at all or produce inferior results.

For example, re-chargeable batteries simply do not work in stunguns. Other major brand names do not perform adequately in stun guns. We recommend only Energizer batteries for use in stun devices.

928 type stun gun review

This is another eye opener: we assume that all 9V batteries are made according to the same standard and have the exact same dimensions. Once again we found out that dimensions and geometry vary from one brand of battery to another.

The Energizer yes, you guessed it right! This is why we recommend using Energizer batteries for stun guns we sell on the site.

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Does it sound to you like an Energizer commercial? It does to us…. Buy stunguns here…. If the stun gun still does not work, please send it back and we will replace it immediately. It happens too but it is extremely rare. Resources: — Wikipedia article about stungun and taser. Note: You probably noticed that there are many different spelling variations in use: stun gun, stungun, stun-gun, stunner, taser, tazer, stun device, electroshock weapon, etc.

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928 type stun gun review

What do I do? Actually, the KIND of battery used. It does to us… Seemingly, not all batteries are created equal… Buy stunguns here… P. You May Also Like. January 3, Read More. December 4, I live in California.Products purchased in our online store SDfactor. Also, our products can replenish your personal collection of self-defense tools.

928 Type Stun Gun

We ship to all European countries. We have the best prices on the market. Here you can purchase different models of stun guns, taser, knives, brass knuckles, lasers, pepper sprays, products for martial arts. Buying products in our online store SDfactor. All goods are already in the warehouses on the territory of the European Union. You do not pay any additional customs costs. Purchased goods will be shipped in neutral packaging by international courier.

Using some products from our range may be illegal in your country. Before the order, please check whether the purchase and use of self-defense goods is legal in your country.

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By making the order, the buyer confirms that he is an adult and takes full responsibility for the acquisition, storage and use of the goods SDfactor. If you buy a product that is prohibited in your country, our obligations as a seller towards the buyer end after we give you the tracking number. We have a large range of products and the best prices in Europe. Check it by yourself. Buy goods in our online store SDfactor. BK03 Brass Knuckles.

A Very Clear Reminder That Stun Guns Are Not Good For Self Defense - Active Self Protection

TB03 Telescopic baton - 50 cm. PS08 Pepper spray K. FOG Rsonic. All best sellers. Popular Specials Featured products. Add to cart More.We purchase every product we review with our own funds — we never accept anything from product manufacturers. A stun gun is a close-range form of self-defense and an effective long-range deterrent. The sound and sight of a powerful spark arcing across the stun gun's electrodes can be enough to discourage an attacker.

If an assailant makes physical contact, applying the stun gun to any vulnerable part of his body and pressing the trigger will deliver a powerful charge capable of causing muscle spasms, intense pain, and even temporary paralysis. While these effects may only be temporary, they will also be memorable and educational. At BestReviews, we seek the advice of experts and consider consumer feedback before publishing our shopping guides and product advice. To avoid bias, we never accept free products from manufacturers.

Rather, we buy our test items off of store shelves, just as you do. The ability to defend yourself against a would-be attacker is important.

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But not every method of self-defense is suitable for every person. This brings us to stun guns. In many real-life situations, the attacker has already gained some kind of advantage over the victim.

A stun gun owner must be able to grab the device, aim for a vulnerable spot, and hold the unit in place until the attacker collapses or submits. The debilitating effect of a stun gun does not last forever. When a victim uses a stun gun on an assailant, incapacitation and escape are the ultimate goals. In those few seconds, the attacker usually experiences severe pain and temporary paralysis. This is the reality of using an electroshock weapon against another person.

Some people are not comfortable with this reality, even during times of self-defense. If you fall into this category, a stun gun may not be the right self-defense weapon for you. Educate yourself on which parts of the human body are most prone to a stun gun's shock.

Some such areas are the neck, the chest, and the groin junction. The human body is essentially a battery-powered machine. Electrical impulses control everything from the brain to the heart, and charged nerves perform most of the heavy lifting. When an external electrical charge invades the body, these impulses experience overload and temporarily go haywire.Sign In.

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Business Type:. Trading Company. Main Products:. Number of Employees:. Year of Establishment:. Management System Certification:. Average Lead Time:. Peak season lead time: one month Off season lead time: one month. Sample Available. Visit My Factory. Diamond Member Since Audited Supplier. Print This Page. Favorites Favorites Share.

Get Latest Price. Purchase Qty. Port: Xiamen, China. Contact Now. Customized Request. Download Product Catalog. You Might Also Like. Basic Info. Model NO. Product Description. Power inout 4. Typical questions asked about products Does this product support customization?The Vipertek VTS is an inexpensive high quality stun gun.

It is not often that you see a high quality The Taser C2 gold kit is a quality product. However, keep in mind for us to rate it as 3 best, it HAS to be The Taser C2 basic kit is the same overall product that we reviewed in the Taser C2 gold kit. The only Below are all of the stun guns and tasers that we have rated and reviewed. If you currently own any of the models of stun guns listed below, we encourage you to leave your personal review to help future consumers.

It is not often that you see a high quality and inexpensive product all in one. However, keep in mind for us to rate it as 3 best, it HAS to be good. Read below for a full a comprehensive review. Before we go into any voltage numbers The only differences are the accessories.

To view our full product review on the Taser C2 gold kit, All Rights Reserved. Tasers Stun Guns Vs. Guns Contact Us Policies. Welcome to StunGunBuyersGuide. Read Review. Top Ratings Rank Product Rating. Buy upc codes.Regardless of who you are or where you live, owning a good taser or a stun gun is extremely beneficial. Tasers and stun guns are two of the perfect items you could use for self-defense. Even though a stun gun requires you to make direct physical contact with your attacker, a stun gun will not affect your attacker the same way a taser would.

Fortunately, it is easier to obtain a stun gun. So, what are you waiting for? Continue reading to discover which taser or stun gun you should buy! Like any other item, there are thousands of stun guns available on the market.

But, only a few stun guns are truly reliable and will make a good enough impact to hinder an attacker. That being said, here are honest reviews of the top nine best stun guns available on the market!

How is this stun gun powered? You can easily find these batteries anywhere. How powerful is this stun gun? Although this stun gun only has up tovolts, one of the best features of this stun gun is the completely electrified shaft. Since all degrees of this stun gun is covered with volts, your attacker will be dismayed to find out it will still shock them, even if they grab the side of it.

Who is this stun gun for? This stun gun is perfect for anyone who wants extra protection from potential attackers or ferocious animals. Anyone could truly use this stun gun. After all, people in law enforcement, security, and even the military rave about this stun gun! Check out why I think this is one of the best stun guns on the market!

Can an attacker easily take this stun gun away from me? Absolutely not! This is because this stun gun is equipped with high-tech snatch prevention. In other words, the sides of this stun gun are equipped with shock plates. So, if your attacker attempts to grab the stun gun from you, they will feel a sudden severe shock.

Buying guide for best stun guns

Will this stun gun work through clothes? Since this stun gun is designed with modern electrodes made with some of the sharpest spikes available, this stun gun will be able to pierce through every type of common clothing material, even those that are thick. Does this stun gun have any extra features? One of the things that makes this stun gun one of my favorites is the LED flashlight.Display all pictures.

Reference: SG Condition: New product. Availability date:. The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1. Add to cart. This Stun Gun great for personal protection and quick use when needed. Stun Gun TYPE: powerful, has thick electrodes, a sharp and characteristic discharge sound effect, peculiar only to this shocker. Self-defensive Stun Gun is made of ABS engineering plastic and alloy metal with a high voltage generator and a built-in nickel - cadmium battery.

It has an advanced electric pulse technology. Shocker fully justifies its name - it is impossible to snatch it!

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The electrodes flow around the side surface of the shocker, so they are rotated on the side surface and under a voltage of 3 Million volts. The model is universal. It is equally suitable for men and women, therefore it is better. Before use, charge the taser for hours do not check the device while charging. This may cause damage! Keep the Stun Gun Baton out of the reach of children.

Always check if there is enough battery power.

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If the charge is not enough, please charge it in a timely manner in order to maintain the best results. Technical details: 1 Leuchtstufen Output voltage: 3 million volts Material: aviation aluminum Lamp life: 50, hours. Dimensions: x 50 x 30 mm Shipping Weight g.

BK03 Brass Knuckles.

928 type stun gun review

TB03 Telescopic baton - 50 cm. PS08 Pepper spray K. FOG Rsonic. All best sellers. View larger. Notify me when available.

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The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1 Quantity. No customer reviews for the moment. Add to cart More. KS18 Karambit Semiautomatic Knife.

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